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GBM Mobile
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GBM Mobile is a complete mapping and data collection solution for Windows mobile devices.

GBM Mobile operates on handheld computers running Microsoft Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Mobile 6. It delivers a comprehensive GIS tool-box including custom data entry forms and GPS integration.

The solution is packaged with software to set up the mobile device, transfer data to and from the mobile device and to merge field edits into the central data store. Mobile devices may be docked to a local PC or may transfer data across a wireless network or by mobile phone.

GBM Mobile is based on MapInfo MapX Mobile technology and integrates with MapInfo Professional on the support PC. It works natively with MapInfo .tab files and can display other GIS data such as ESRI .shp files.

GBM Mobile is a key member of the GBM Software Suite that includes PDA, Tablet PC, Desktop and enterprise server solutions.

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