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GBM Portable
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GBM Portable delivers an easy-to-use map presentation, data entry and map interrogation solution for both desktop and mobile workers. The product is targeted for operation on laptop and tablet computers as well as standard desktop systems. It includes all the features of GBM Mobile but operates on Windows XP, Vista and Win 7 hardware rather than Windows Mobile PDAs.

GBM Portable can be tailored onsite to suite the requirements of individual user groups by preparing the map library, customizing the Find, Info and Locate tools and loading custom data entry forms. A forms translator is included for converting GBM Mobile custom forms to operate within GBM Portable.

Configuration and set up tools are commonly installed only on those computers that are accessed by data supervisors. GBM Portable establishes an ideal environment for corporate wide map deployment as it allows local specialists to tailor a simple to use but very relevant user interface to the larger user base.

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