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GBM Pro unlocks the power of MapInfo Professional by making it accssible to the wider worforce. The solution improves data quality, reduces costs and minimises training overhead.

GBM Pro extends GIS with information structures that model the real world and integrates mapping into core business processes. Present data in a way that makes sense to the end users, unconstrained by MapInfo's traditional data model. Link data directly from external systems to MapInfo Professional without complex data preparation. This simplifies back-end processes and reduces your training overheads.

Improve the integrity, accuracy and consistency of information shared across your organization. Using GBM Pro, you can build an enterprise-quality validation system that protects corporate data while still alowing the data to be edited in a mapping context.

Take the effort out of map building. GBM Pro gives you a library of graphical styles and automatic legend generation to achieve consistent and accessible mapping outcomes.

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