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GBM Web is a browser delivered rich mapping solution that delivers a responsive and intuitive user experience. It presents maps and data views drawn from in-house spatial databases and GIS files as well as external map servers.

Map searches, data queries and edit controls are easily customised for each user group. GBM Web shares GBM Custom Forms with other GBM software products. Custom Forms validate data entries, ensure consistency in graphical styles and link data sets to spatial features in one-to-many relationships.

GBM Web is a member of the GBM Software Suite and respects the same configuration settings as the equivalent PDA, Desktop and Tablet products. This provides a common user experience across all operating environments, which simplifies user training and reduces support costs.

GBM Web provides a much richer and responsive user experience than is possible through more traditional web mapping solutions. The product is suitable for demanding business users who need to annotate and print maps and who need to interact with the underlying corporate data.

GBM Web can be easily configured to display data from linked corporate databases and image libraries and to provide secure editing and map drawing capabilities, making it especially appropriate for application where maps provide a gateway for accessing corporate data.

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