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Weeds and Pest Animals

Comprehensive solutions are offered for the management of Weeds and Pest Animals. These are based on field data collection on map enabled mobile devices which directly update a central database that allows office based supervisors to analyse pest outbreaks and manage field operations.

GBM Solutions record pest outbreaks treatments and management programs. They can be installed in-house or at our Data Centre.

GBM Pest Central is a cloud based offering that promotes collaboration across jurisdictional boundaries. It implements the SPAS data standards and works with data sharing agreements promoted by Biosecurity Queensland. Download the Pest Central Brochure and Technical Overview for further information.

Smaller scale and in-house solutions can also be customised from the core GBM Software products such as GBM Mobile, GBM Portable and GBM Data Services. Contact the GBM Software team to discuss any special requirements.

Additional Information

    Pest Central (PDF)

    Pest Central (PDF)