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Exa-Min Technologies Releases GBM Mobile Upgrade V2.11



BRISBANE – 21st January 2004 — Exa-Min Technologies today released an upgraded version of its highly successful GBM Mobile product. GBM Mobile™ is based on MapInfo MapX Mobile technology and delivers a complete out-of-the box mapping solution for the Pocket PC. The product has been especially well received in the local and state government sectors where it is being employed in asset capture and condition monitoring applications.

Major recent enhancements include the Mobile Merge module that automates the consolidation of data collected in the field into the central database. The latest upgrade also includes refinements to simplify field operations and provide more versatility in recording locations read directly from Global Position Satellite receivers. 

Version 2.11 is certified for operation on the Pocket PC 2003 operating system that is shipping with the new generation of Windows PDA equipment. V2.11 is also backward compatible with the 2000 and 2002 versions of Windows Pocket PC. Customers running earlier versions of GBM Mobile should upgrade to V2.11 if they intend to operate the software on the newer PDA equipment.

Exa-Min has appointed Wellington based Critchlow Associates as New Zealand distributors, in response to a high enquiry rate from that region. Critchlow deliver business mapping solutions and is the New Zealand distributor of MapInfo GIS products. Andrew Lee, Business Development Manager for Critchlow said, “New Zealanders are quick to embrace new technologies. There is a lot of interest in mobile mapping among our existing customers and GBM Mobile has already been embraced by a number of Utilities and Local Government councils. We have a very good working relationship with Exa-Min who have been very responsive to software enhancements requests from our clients.” 

According to Ken Moule, Exa-Min’s director of software development, “ We have developed a strong relationship with our customers, who are providing the programming team with very good feedback on how the software performs in the field. This has allowed us to deliver upgrades in Version 2.11 that provide real added benefit to customers. GBM Mobile is a mature second-generation product that gives rise to very few support calls.”

Exa-Min director Harvey Ryan said, “ Exa-Min is committed to the ongoing development of GBM Mobile and related products. The programming team has already started work on V2.5, (scheduled for release in Mid 2004) and a separate team has recently commenced working on new training resources.”

GBM Mobile V2.11 is available as a free upgrade to all existing GBM Mobile customers. Customers should contact Exa-Min or their local GBM Software™ reseller for a new installation CD. Refer to the Exa-Min web site at for an updated reseller listing.





About Exa-Min Technologies

Exa-Min Technologies, a Brisbane based company, has been a MapInfo Partner for seven years and specialises in delivering custom IT solutions involving spatial technologies. Exa-Min Technologies is an established developer of MapInfo companion products, distributed under the GeoBasemap and GBM Software labels. For further information contact Exa-Min Technologies on 07 3210 0741 or


Critchlow Associates

Critchlow Associates, a Welington based company specialises in Business Mapping solutions. Critchlow Associates are national distributor for MapInfo GIS products. They have been in business for over fifteen years an have over 25 staff dedicated to assisting New Zealand organisations to effectively use location information to improve their business processes. For further information contact Critchlow Associates on +64 4 472 8244 or 





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A GBM Mobile release history is presented below:


GBM Mobile release 2.11  (Installer Build #23, January 20th 2004)

Includes GBM Mobile V2.11.0038, Mobile Manager V2.11.0026 and Mobile Merge V2.11.0005


*** Updates between 2.10 build 22 and 2.11 build 23

1. GPS TRACKING - New option to set audio and visual alerts at user defined

   intervals along the track and improved behaviour when tracking is paused.

2. DATA ENTRY - New option to seed new records with default values from previously

   edited record. 

3. CUSTOM FORMS - User definable field labels can be used in place of MapInfo

   column names in custom forms.

4. MOBILE MANAGER - Improved performance when opening Edit and Load Form options

5. DOCUMENTATION - User manual has been updated to include Find and Measure

   utilities and new GPS options.

6. DEMONSTRATION DATA SET - Custom forms for line and region objects added.

7. MOBILE MERGE - Merge profile management sub-system is more robust.



*** Updates between 2.04 build 21 and 2.10 build 22

1. GPS TRACKING - Upgrades to GPS tracking support pausing of track

   recording and allowing tracks to be written directly to MapInfo

   tables rather than the temporary GPS tracking layer (new items

   appear under the GPS menu when custom forms are loaded that

   allow the creation of line objects).

2. CLEAR LAYERS - It is now possible to clear temporary map

   layers (a new menu item has been added to the file menu).

3. SYMBOL PICKER - The standard MapInfo symbol picker has been replaced

   by a custom Exa-Min implementation. The symbol list available to mobile

   device users can now be customised through the symbols.xml set up file.

4. MOBILE DEVICE INSTALL - Scripts have been updated to avoid

   spurious MapInfo error message concerning fonts.


*** Updates between 2.03 build 19 and 2.04 build 21

1. INSTALLATION DETECTION - Fixed problem with Mobile Manager

   being unable to detect GBM Mobile installation when GBM Mobile is not

   in the PDA start menu

2. COMPLEX GEOSETS - Fixed issue with Geosets with several layers based

   on the same .tab file

3. STATS - Info tool shows length/area/perimeter statistics

4. GPS LOCATIONS - Now allow time based averaging of location values -

   Location recorded is now the next location received from the GPS after

   the menu item is selected, not the last location received before the

   menu was clicked. 

5. GPS ELEVATION - Altitude available as an optional automatic data

   value for GPS locations

6. GPS WAYPOINTS - Shows displacement between current GPS location and a

   selected map object

7. DRAWING - New Option to create a new map feature using a copy of the

   selected map feature

8. FIND - New option to list the results of a find before marking them

   on a map

9. MENU LAYOUT - Move selected map feature to the current GPS location

   is now on the SELECT menu, not the GPS Menu.


*** Updates between V2.03 build 18 and 2.03 build 19

1. Upgraded for compatibility with Pocket PC 2003


*** Upgrade between V2.02 build 16 and 2.03 build 18

1. Fixed issues with Edit Tracking and auto update following extensive field trials

2. Performance improvements to custom forms (auto-update)

3. New installer framework and badging as Standard and Extended editions

4. Documentation upgrade - processing flow manual


*** Upgrade between V1.63 build 7 and 2.01 build 16

GBM Mobile (software for the Mobile device)

1. Added measure tool

2. Added auto fields for new data (auto increment, GPS time, Location)

3. Support for time stamping edits and recording pending edits

4. Improved performance of Zoom tool

5. Added Find tool


GBM Mobile Manager (software for the support PC to help manage the mobile device)

1. Extended custom form definitions to support auto fields

2. Extended custom forms to allow registration of controlled edits

3. Menu item to copy geoset and GIS data files to the mobile device

4. Menu item to retrieve geosets and GIS data files from the mobile device

5. Writing of merge profile (for mobile merge) tagging of forms for Edit Tracking


GBM Mobile Merge (new optional module - for operation in MapInfo Professional)

1. Registers on the tools menu of MapInfo Professional

2. Browser for merge profile (created by Mobile manager)

3. Subset of GIS files based on the type of edit carried out on the mobile device

4. Automated merging of edits respecting time stamps

5. Automated update of processing log and audit history.

6. A new utility for preparing PDA geosets.



1. New installer structure to accommodate Mobile Merge

2. User manual updated (fourth edition)

3. Product overview updated


*** Upgrade between V1.63 build 6 and 1.63 build 7

1. Added support for Trimble pathfinded pocket GPS and other

   devices requiring rts/cts handshaking. Added controls to GPS settings dialog

2. Additional GPS unit configuration trouble shooting notes added to manual.


*** Upgrades between V1.62 and 1.63

1. Support for international numeric formats (Regional locale settings)

2. Corrected parsing to support high resolution (differential) GPS input

3. Size limit on form definition file removed to support large numbers of forms

4. Trouble shooting notes added to the user manual


*** Upgrade between V1.61 to 1.62

1. Improved GPS configuration and error messages

2. Added "snap" mode for GIS feature edit

3. Zoom menu - support zoom to extents of data in a map layer

4. Corrected XML parsing and layer name problems for custom forms

5. User manual upgrades


*** Upgrade between V1.60 to 1.61

1. Added node editing for map objects

2. Uer manual included on installation CD

3. Added error messaging if Active Sync is not installed on PC