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Consulting Services
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The Exa-Min team delivers consulting services in the following areas:

Information Technology Services
  • Requirements analysis.
  • Software functional design.
  • User interface design.
  • Database design.
  • Detailed technical design.
  • Policy advice.
Product Services
  • Project implementation.
  • Training.
Database Services
  • Data management.
  • Spatial database technologies.
Mining and Exploration Related Services
  • Exploration data management.
  • Resource modelling.

The Exa-Min team has successfully completed major consulting and computer systems implementations in the following areas:

  • Telecommunications related services including interfacing to signal strength equipment and drive testing.
  • Field data collection including asset inspections and condition monitoring.
  • Tenure management, involving both cadastral and minerals tenement parcels.
  • Compliance management including environmental assessment and monitoring.
  • Exploration services including management of geological and geochemical data sets.
  • Mine planning services including resource modelling, mine design, optimisation and cost estimation.
  • Asset management applications linking asset and GIS systems.
  • Linking of document management and GIS systems.
  • Management of digital images.
  • GPS tracking with via satellite data network.
  • Assessment of interference between terrestrial and satellite communications systems.
  • Spatial data management including Oracle Spatial database implementations.
  • Implementation of web based mapping solutions.


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