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The Exa-Min development team is available for custom programming assignments.

Our team has a great depth of experience in developing computer programs that incorporate spatial technologies. These may be mapping applications or those that incorporate customer specific business rules that depend in part on geographical relationships between objects in the real world.

These developments leverage from our extensive library of high-level components, delivering significant savings in development time and project costs. We specialise in the following areas:

Integrated Mapping Applications
Exa-Min has a great depth of experience in building computer programs that integrate database and map windows. Interactions between database forms and mapping components are tailored for customer's individual business requirements.

These programs normally leverage off our pre-built software development libraries that underpin the Exa-Min off-the-shelf GBM Mapping product. This allows us to deliver high quality robust implementations at well below the cost of normal custom programming.

These integrated applications are commonly deployed on windows workstations or through low bandwidth communications links via Citrix Metaframe.

Web based GIS services
We deliver web based mapping applications incorporating either the Java and Windows variants of MapInfo MapXtreme.

Spatial Database Applications
Exa-Min has special expertise in managing spatial data through database servers such as Oracle Spatial and MapInfo SpatialWare.

Application Integration
Leveraging from our GeoBasemap MapLinker Technology Exa-Min specialises in building dynamic hot-links between computer programs.

Mobile Mapping and Data Collection
Custom extensions of our GBM Mobile (Pocket PC) or GBM Mapping (tablet and notebooks systems) integrate with field recording equipment (eg sensors, signal strength meters and digital cameras).

We also manage the direct download of field recordings into central databases or processing modules.


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