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Frequently Asked Questions
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This section lists support and installation questions that are commonly asked by current or prospective users.

Gbm Software

Can I get an evaluation version?

Yes, most gbm software products may be operated for 30 days under a free evaluation license. Download the software from www.geobasemap.com/downloads.

Gbm Software

MapInfo Version
What version of MapInfo do I need to work with GBM Software?

Selcted GBM Software products operate as plug-ins for desktop GIS systems while others operate on a stand alone basis. For MapInfo Professional plug-ins we recommend V9 or later, although most systems will work with earlier versions. Contact Exa-Min or your GBM Software reseller for further details.

Mobile Mapping

What GPS units can I connect to GBM Mobile?

GBM Mobile recognises any GPS the works with the NMEA standard data format. GBM Mobile for Trimble also accepts proprietary Trimble format data. See Exa-Min Technical bulletin No 5 for details.

Mobile Mapping

What type of field computer works with GBM Software?

GBM Mobile works on Windows Mobile based hand-held computers. Customers acquiring new hardware should consider rugged Windows Mobile V6.1 or Windows Mobile V6 devices. Suitable units are offered by a range of hardware vendors including Intermec, Motorola, GTAC, Trimble and Juniper systems.

GBM Portable provides Windows Tablet, laptop and desktop users with similar functionality to GBM Mobile. GBM Portable works with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 computers.


Additional Information

If you can not find the answer to your question in these pages. Please contact Exa-Min Technologies with your query.